An Evangelical Church

Today’s Bible Verse

It is important to us that what we believe and do is based on the Bible, which we taken to be the reliable word of God.  We seek to present the Good News (gospel) of Jesus Christ – that God sent his Son into the world to die on the Cross, so that all those who trust in him are forgiven all their wrongdoing and enabled to live a new life with him by God’s Holy Spirit.  We also believe that we should learn from the Bible how God wants us to live as Christians and to respond to the issues and circumstances of life today.

Our Mission

We would very much like other people to come to know what faith in Jesus Christ and joining with God’s people means, so we try to be friendly to visitors without putting pressure on them.  At the same time, we seek to serve our community through groups that meet on our premises, and to support various Christian groups who work in other parts of the world.

Our Statement of Purpose