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4th Bebington

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The 4th Bebington Guide Company meet on Thursday evenings from 7.45pm to 9.15pm.  We currently have 2 leaders, a young leader and 24 Guides.

Our meetings are varied. Following the Guiding programme the Guides work within patrols doing badge work, or challenges or just exploring activities around a theme, for example learning sign language

We also undertake activities such as swimming, ice-skating, skiing, bowling, playing games, and visiting the theatre. We also have weekends away, camping or staying in hostels. 

This is what the Guides themselves have to say..................

“Guides is a great place to learn new things, make new friends and socialise.  In our Guide meetings our aim is to meet together and have fun.  We play games, do art and craft and go on trips.  We come across all sorts of challenges which sometimes are very hard.  We have a points system where  we get rewards for the patrol with the most points.  We also help charities such as Blue Peter with their ShoeBiz appeal, also every year each Guide makes a box full of presents as part of the Christmas Child appeal.  We also have holidays, weekends away, for example we have been to Hawkshead and on a Division Camp.  On a Thursday night we meet to have fun and enjoy ourselves.  Guides is a great place to have fun. (Where the fun never stops!).”    Sophie. 

“Yo Yo Yo we are the Parrots

Guides is great we play with our mates

We love chillin’ with our crew.

Once upon a time we used PVA Glue.

Doo Boo Oh

My mother pays my subs

Which buys our grubs.

We go swimmin’ to Europa Pools yeah

That’s cos we’re so cool – yeah.

We go to camp with our homeys

We don’t leave out no loneys

Because we’re Guides – yeah, huh, huh

Because we’re Guides – yeah, huh, huh.

We raved at Big Gig 2K4

We made an L with flashing lights

Because we’re Guides, yeah, bounce, bounce

Because we’re Guides, yeah, bounce, bounce

We love Guides you see

You’ll never love it as much as me.”

Meg, Vix, Bekki & Hannah.






So we can spread peace!


4th Bebington