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Coronavirus Update

The Government announced that Places of Worship can open in England from 4th July with certain restrictions. However, the decision to re-open a church needs careful consideration.  Guidelines have been issued that the Government expect to be followed and we intend to fully implement them.  To do so, will require a thorough risk assessment which will take some time to complete.

We rejoice that other churches may be open, but our context requires a slightly longer period of assessment.  While we long to meet together in the name of Jesus Christ, we believe the biblical command to 'love our neighbour as ourselves' requires us to make every effort to protect each other and the wider community from the virus.  For this period of planning we will continue to hold our weekly telephone conference.


To the website of Grange United Reformed Church (Grange URC), in Higher Bebington.

We seek to present the Good News (gospel) of Jesus Christ – that God sent his Son into the world to die on the Cross, so that all those who trust in him are forgiven all their wrongdoing and enabled to live a new life with him by God’s Holy Spirit.

We would very much like other people to come to know what faith in Jesus Christ and joining with God’s people means, so we try to be friendly to visitors without putting pressure on them.  At the same time, we seek to serve our community through groups that meet on our premises, and to support various Christian groups who work in other parts of the local area, UK and the world.


Grange URC weekly activity

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Each week we have a speaker at both the morning and evening services. The speakers will be from other evangelical churches or be one of our serving Elders. Our Elders or the visiting speaker, gives a talk based on the Bible, which we believe to be the reliable word of God. The talk helps us to understand the Good News (the Gospel): "God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, into the world so that all those who trust in his death on the cross are forgiven for all their wrong doing and are enabled to live a new life with him." We also learn how God wants us to live out our everyday lives in the 21st Century.


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  • Revd Richard Wood
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