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Grange Virtual Choir Last Hymn

The final Virtual Choir item has now been recorded and mixed and I am very happy with the sound. It has quite a strong beat and rousing sound towards the end. This was, by far, the most difficult to mix. The backing track builds up to a superb crescendo of sound by the last two choruses. However, that has to be finely balanced with the voices. I think it's about there.

As ever, best via headphones so you get the sense of space and vocals. Click on the image below to view. I think the virtual choir has now come to a natural end. We can now sing in church, we have helped others in their worship during last year and we have raised funds for the RNLI. So, in a way, our job is done. I think we can be very happy with how the choir has come together and performed over the past 12 months. I certainly have a nice bank of hymns for future church services if they are ever called upon. Plus, they remain on our YouTube Channel and continue to be viewed.

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